The Great African Buffalos work together to protect from harm.

African Buffalo
Have you ever seen an animal that had learned to do a trick? Animals learn from people all the time, but they aren’t just good at learning. They’re good at teaching, too.
As a matter of fact, we can all learn important lessons from many different kinds of animals. One animal that can teach us a lesson of teamwork is the African buffalo.
hyena and African BuffaloYou are lucky to live in a safe place. You’ve probably never met a lion while you were walking down the street. But the African buffalo live in a different place.
The golden grasses of the African savannah hide drooling lions with sharp teeth and panting hyenas with curling lips that would like nothing better than to eat buffalo burgers for breakfast!
With such dangerous and hungry neighbours, what can a poor buffalo do?
Instead of one buffalo trying to fight off dangerous animals on its own, the whole herd works together. The strongest buffalo with the largest horns make a big circle around the herd.
At the very center of the circle are the young calves who don’t have very big horns yet. The strong buffalo on the outside of the circle use their horns and work together to protect the herd inside from those drooling lions and panting hyenas.
They use teamwork to keep everybody safe, because one buffalo alone would not be strong enough.
African BuffaloNow, you’re luckier than the buffalo. No one wants to eat you for breakfast. But you can use the same kind of teamwork that buffalo use.
Even though you don’t have to worry about lions or hyenas, there might still be things that give you trouble.
But remember that like the buffalo, you don’t have to face those problems alone.
The next time you are having trouble with homework or feel like you don’t know how to handle a problem, ask your friends or family to help you.
Knowing that you can rely on people that you love makes everything much easier, whether you live on the African savannah or not!

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