The conclusion of Sebastian and Noranda's audio adventure!

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Hello my name is Mr. Bergman!

I am a retired teacher from the school (I'm also Noranda's Grandpa). Your are probably here because you have listened to the Responsus Part 1 (if not, you should listen to that one first). Here is the conclusion of that story. It's a bit mysterious...but I'm not surprised. After all I used to teach in the old college... but just like I said to Noranda, you might as well discover the secrets for yourself.

Here is a summary of what will happen in Responsus Part 2


You'll discover the surprising conclusion of my grandaughter Noranda’s response to school gossiping. Will her and Sebastian solve the mystery of what appeared to be her writing in the manuscript?

All right now, listen a sample from the audio adventure!

Sebastian Reading

Meanwhile, do you think Eric and Kursten will get themselves in trouble when they try to get the hot scoop on fellow schoolmate Chad Robinson? I wonder if Mr. Mehra and the school newspaper will agree to publish their article?

Is truthfulness important?

Noranda had a choice to make; to go along with the gossip she heard at school or to seek out the truth! What would you do?


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(Please note "Responsus Part 2" is the first of a two part series.) Click here to find out about "Responsus Part 1"

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