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Howdy! My name is Butch and I'm a talking horse.

I am one of the main characters in this "Old Compass" kids magazine and audio adventure. Some say One-armed Bandit is a story for children, but I know your whole family will enjoy my western style gambling tale. You see, there are a lot of kids who don't know much about gambling, so when young Clayton showed up here in Daisytown, I thought I would let him know about Mr. Armstrong and his gambling addiction.

One-armed Bandit - Gambling

I'll explain the whole thing about addiction!

So if you not afraid to walk on down the street of our western town with me and your schoolmate Clayton, come along! Parents can join as a member of and download some activity sheets for you to do while you listen.

It's Wild West day at the school!

Butch the talking horse - Gambling So it was perfectly normal for Clayton to come all dress as a cowboy. Unfortunately or not for him, I'll let you decide, his classmate Lucy kept a close eye on him. Can you blame her? You see there have been strange happenings at the school, people disappearing for a while, students going on strange adventures, and doors leading kids like you into places you only hear of in fiction books. I think you should hear this story. You'll also hear about Emily, an older student, and the surprising offer she received from Tyronne. She'll have to make a hard decision. I can't help to wonder what would you do if you were in her shoes?

Did Clayton really go to a western town? He didn't have that big belt buckle when he first came to school, his boots now have horse manure on them and he smells like a barn!

What do you think?



Let's listen to a sampler from this story!


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Cowboy Line

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