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I’m School Resource Officer Ricardo.

Do you spend a lot of time on the Internet? I know I do and it’s usually a lot of fun. There are so many interesting things to read, lots of great pictures to see, and tons of far-out games to play. But sometimes inappropriate ads and pictures can pop up onto our screens, right? However, as one of the students at the school found out, there are some dangers you need to know about. Sample this exciting audio story to discover what happened.

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Ryan on Bicycle

Ryan on BicycleYou’ll meet a boy named Ryan, who likes internet gaming. We learn that his parents allow him to play, as long as he follows some rules, for example, he must finish all his chores first, and he must keep the door to his bedroom open.

All his friends have moved beyond his level at online gaming and he’s frustrated. Ryan receives a message from someone on the gaming site who says he can help him get to the next level. Ryan hesitates. Although Ryan knows he should not give out any personal information over the Internet, the stranger tricks him into revealing what town he lives in and what school he goes to. Ryan is excited by the prospect of getting ahead at gaming and impressing his friends. Meanwhile, as his school resource officer, I had been warned that a bad guy has been making contact with a student. That was alarming to me. RicardoonBicycle MediumAlso, Ryan’s parents got suspicious. His parents decided to use their security software to check on Ryan’s Internet communications. Discover how I found out what Ryan was doing, where he was going and what trouble followed for both of us!

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