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Respecting my parents

Respect is something my parents taught me at an early age. That was the culture in my house while I was growing up. My parents respected my differences of opinion and the person I was growing to be. They did a lot for my siblings and me, including a lot of sacrifice. I recognized that at an early age and they had earned my respect.

respecting my parents infographic

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They also respected me even when I blew it. I’m not talking here of a culture of fear and strict enforcement. It was a well-balanced atmosphere of feeling admiration and discovering the role my parents, teachers and others had in my life. When it came to back talking, there was no tolerance for that in my house. (I’ll tackle that topic at a later date.) I realize it’s not a cool thing to talk about respecting your parents anymore. Sad to say, there are many parents now having a rough time understanding their role and the importance of teaching their kids respect. Don’t believe me? Ask a teacher.

CoverDS Thank goodness, there are many parenting experts who still dare to bring the topic to the forefront. Yet, the odd time I still turn my television on, I hear the newer generation demanding respect. Let’s talk about it! I’ll start the conversation with this infographic. You can certainly use this as an ice breaker with your children or students. I have also a pdf version of the infographic you can download for free here: You must login to download, I need to do this to avoid internet robots stealing my stuff.

Respecting my Parents

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Respecting my parents worksheet

Respecting my Parents

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