Free Activity Sheets for Elementary Children on What It Means to Apologize

I’m excited about a new feature I started on my website It is call “Real Life” under the audio adventure tab/menu in the kid section (home page). ScreenShotMenu

The first topic the kids can explore is that of a sincere apology.

I used the real life example of Mr. Coburn, the part owner of the race horse California Chrome. Horse RaceCalifornia Chrome is an amazing horse that won the first two races of the most prestigious horse racing tournament; the Triple Crown.

You can watch the two videos, one of Mr. Coburn losing his cool after his horse lost the last race. He said things he later regretted. The second video is of him apologizing later for his rant afterward. The videos are appropriate for elementary kids to watch. You can download a free PDF set of my blog post as well.

A Sincere ApologyCoverDS

The three worksheets that will help elementary kids to reflect on the videos and what a sincere apology means to their life.

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 There is also a fun internet quiz further down the page. The kids are asked: If you had a big argument with your BFF earlier today and needed to apologize, which of these apologies would be sincere? It’s followed by four quotes like this one; “I'm sorry we argued at lunch today. I know I was wrong for some of it, but mostly it was your fault.” A Sincere ApologyArticlePage1DSKids have to decide whether or not the quote is a good apology or not, following this is a brief explanation on things to consider in making a sincere apology.

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