Bullytown - Audio skit, lesson plan and worksheets on reporting bullying to an adult.

Bullytown, Lesson on Reporting Bullying

A Lesson on Reporting Bullying from the Wild West! Kids will learn to seek adult help when dealing with bullies.

Downloadable MP3 of Audio Adventure and PDF of Lesson Plan and Worksheets.

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Bullytown Audio

Theme: In the days of the Wild West, Daisytown is the home of many young cow-boys and brave cow-girls. But for one cow-boy named Clayton, it feels more like "Bullytown." Drop in Daisytown and listen as Clayton shares his feelings with Butch, the talking horse. You might be surprised to hear the advice a talking horse has to offer.

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Reporting Bullying to an Adult

One pre-recorded dramatic skit on Bullying. Use the skit as a discussion starter, radio-theatre, puppet play etc...”Bullytown” is a downloadable item only in MP3 audio format of about 3.7 MB in size, length of skit is approx. 4:07 minutes. This PDF download includes one lesson plan, 8 worksheets adjusted to cover all elementary grades , answer keys and transcript of the skit.

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Bullytown Worksheet

Lesson Plan:

Overview of the Lesson Plan:

This lesson plan is based on the audio track “Bullytown” from Trax4Life Media. This skit contains many discussion points to help kids learn that bullying should be reported to an adult. Kids will also learn that bullying is not going to “toughen them up”. We have approached these topics with some humor without compromising the seriousness of the situation. Set in the days of the Wild West, Daisytown is the home of many young cowboys and brave cowgirls. But for one cowboy named Clayton, it feels more like “Bullytown.” Drop into Daisytown and listen as Clayton shares his feelings with Butch, the talking horse. You might be surprised to hear the advice the horse has to offer.


  1. Students will develop character.
  2. Students will learn to recognize that bullying will not “toughen them up”.
  3. Students will learn that bullying should be reported to an adult.
  4. Students will learn to keep reporting to another adult should the first one not react to the complaint.
  5. Students will develop awareness that intimidation is bullying and is not acceptable behavior.
  6. Students will learn that they need to share their plight with a trusted friend.
  7. Students will learn to write their thoughts down on the worksheets.

Lesson Plan on reporting bullying to an adult

Resources and Materials:

  • Digital Audio player (i.e. CD, MP3, Wave) of the “Bullytown” audio track
  • Selected worksheets for your grade level
  • Pens/pencils
  • Coloring crayons (depending on grade level)
  • Optional: (your choice) copy of the script.

This lesson makes a great puppet show or drama; may want to have puppets, cowboy hat and boots.

Teacher Preparation:

You may want to bring a cowboy hat and boots to class to set a “Wild West” ambience. This may also help build background knowledge. Photocopy any grade level appropriate worksheets you have selected. Make sure your audio player is cued to the track “Bullytown”. Also make sure the audio player has sufficient volume to be heard by all students in the classroom setting.


Ask the students if they think that kids in the “Wild West” wrestled with some of the same issues they (your students) have. It’s important to dispel the myth that bullying will “toughen you up”. Comfort the students by advising them that there are strategies teachers and parents can implement to help both those being bullied and the bully to make students’ surroundings a better place to live.

Tell the students that whether they are victims or bystanders, bullying should be reported. Students should tell an adult they can trust. Once again, comfort the kids by telling them most adults are responsible and will help them; however, it is possible that an adult does not help. As Butch the talking horse advised in the story, when an adult fails to help, students should not lose heart but instead should tell another trusted adult.


Play the audio track “Bullytown”. Ideally you can have students who have rehearsed the track perform with puppets or as a drama.

Briefly discuss the audio track. Discuss the following main topics:

  1. Was Clayton being bullied? Explain.
  2. Does Butch the talking horse give sound advice? Why or why not?
  3. Does Clayton need adult help?
  4. Do Black Saddle Wally and his gang need help, too?
  5. Do you think a bully like Black Saddle Wally can change and treat other people better?
  6. Do you think there was bullying at the time of the Far West?

Bullytown Worksheet


Students can be evaluated based on written answers, teacher observation, or participation in group discussions. Students can also be evaluated through drama/puppet performance should you decide to proceed with these wonderful teaching methods. Invite students to meet privately with you should they want to discuss this subject more seriously or in depth. Students should have learned to respect each other’s differences and diversity.

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Grades 1-6

Lesson Plan on Tattling


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