Cowgirl on a Fence - A character education lesson plan on being a bystander of bullying.

Cowgirl - bystander of bullying

A Bullying Lesson Plan and Audio Drama for all elementary grades.

Downloadable MP3 of Audio Adventure and PDF of Lesson Plan and Worksheets.

Theme: One young cowgirl has been a bystander of bullying. The analogy here is that she figures it’s safer not to do anything and stay on top of a fence, and not jump on either side, the bullied or the victim. She shares her feelings with her friend Gertrude, a talking horse. This skit is meant to open kids’ eyes to passive bystanding.

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Cowgirl on a fence

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One pre-recorded dramatic skit on Bullying with a Western flavor. Use the skit as a discussion starter, radio-theatre, puppet play etc...”Cowgirl on a Fence” is a downloadable item only in MP3 audio format of about 3.7 MB in size, length of skit is approx. 3:49 minutes. This PDF download includes one lesson plan, 8 worksheets adjusted to cover all elementary grades , answer keys and transcript of the skit.

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Overview of the Lesson Plan:

This is a lesson plan based on the audio track “The Shunning” from Trax4Life Media. Social rejection is a form of bullying. In the skit that follows, we will examine one girl who courageously goes against the social rejection of another schoolmate. Courtney announces to Skye that she will join Chelsea for lunch. Courtney also invites Skye to sit with them despite the possible repercussions from the “other” girls.


  1. Students will define being a passive bystander of bullying.
  2. Students will discuss what a passive bystander of bullying should do.
  3. Students will discuss sensitivity towards a victim of bullying.
  4. Students will learn to recognize the effects their inactions have on the victim’s situation.
  5. Students will learn that the bullying of another kid is their business.
  6. Students will be encouraged to report bullying situation they may witness.
  7. Students will learn to write their thoughts down on the worksheets.

Resources and Materials:

  • Digital Audio player (i.e. CD, MP3, Wave) of the “Solar System” audio track
  • Selected worksheets for your grade level
  • Pens/pencils
  • Coloring crayons (depending on grade level)
  • Optional: (your choice) copy of the script.

Lesson Plan Reporting Bullying

Teacher Preparation:

Photocopy any grade level appropriate worksheets you have selected. Also make sure the audio player has sufficient volume to be heard by all students in the classroom setting. You may want to bring cowboy hat or/and boots to set a western atmosphere in the classroom.


Introduce the audio skit by telling the student they are going to hear a skit on bullying. Tell the students that at one time or the other they will witness a bullying situation whether they want to see it or not. The students could possibly choose not to say or do anything about the bullying incident. Discuss the various reasons why, such as being scared of getting involved or thinking that the bullying is not of their concern. Explain to the student that bullying always gets worse when it isn’t stopped.

In the story “Cowgirl on the Fence” Susie sits on top of the fence and does not really know what to do about the bullying. She is scared of the reprecaution if she reports the bullying, so she decided to try to stay there and ignored the whole thing. However as time passes by, at the end of the skits, Susie falls on one side of the fence. This was designed to stear the listener’s imagination and generate discussion. Students will speculate and discuss all the possibilities.


Play the audio track “Cowgirl on Fence”. Ideally you can have students who have rehearsed the track perform with puppets or as a drama.

Briefly discuss the audio track. Discuss the following main topics:

  1. Why do some persons do not want to get involve in bullying? Explain.
  2. Is it true that if you are not the victim of bullying, then it’s not your problem?
  3. Do you think sometime some people deserved to be bullied?
  4. Some adult will say that if you don’t try to stop bullying, then you are part of the bullies. Do you agree with that?
  5. Have you ever helped someone being bullied?
  6. Do you think a victim of bullying really suffers?
  7. Is bullying just a normal part of growing up?

Ask the students to complete the worksheets you have chosen. Encourage students to share their ideas to the whole class.

Reporting Bullying Worksheet 5


Students can be evaluated based on written answers, teacher observation, or participation in group discussions. Students can also be evaluated through drama/puppet performance should you decide to proceed with these wonderful teaching methods. Invite students to meet privately with you should they want to discuss this subject more seriously or in depth. Students should have learned to respect each other’s differences and diversity.

Students could produce this as a theatre or puppet skit for other classes. Arrange for a tour of the school with the puppets and the stage they have created.

Cowgirl on a Fence

Grades 1-6

Lesson Plan on Tattling


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