The Value of Pearl-A Education Lesson Plan, Worksheets and Audio Adventure on Verbal Bullying.

Pearl - Verbal Bullying Lesson

Kids will learn acceptance of others with this fun audio adventure. Students can relate the character's situation to their life.

Downloadable MP3 of Audio Adventure and PDF of Lesson Plan and Worksheets.

Words will never hurt me? Verbal bullying is alive and well. This type of abuse leave psychological wounds that may never heal. Too often it is difficult for teachers to address this topic. This skit will give you the tool you need to deal with this subject.

Theme: TV reporter Jean-Francois Lepoisson interviews two girls, Jade and Opal, about their lack of compassion and bullying of another girl. This skit points out that Jade and Opal, consumed by their attitude and selfishness, are missing the beauty of another person, the one they nicknamed “Clammy.” If they only looked inside they would see a beautiful Pearl. Bullying is seen here more from the bully's point of view.

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Girl Verbal Bullying

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One fun audio adventure on verbal bullying. Great as a discussion starter, radio-theater, puppets plays etc..."The Value of Pearl" is a downloadable item only in MP3 audio format of about 4.4 MB in size, lenght of this prerecorded drama is approx. 4:45 minutes. This PDF download includes one lesson plan, 8 worksheets adjusted to cover all elementary grades , answer keys and transcript of the skit.Cd Burning permitted for personal use or in educational (non-profit) settings.

Characters: One Male Television reporter and Two young Girls.

Length: Approx. 4:49 Minutes

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Worksheet on bullying

Overview of the Lesson Plan:

This is a lesson plan based on the audio track “The Value of Pearl” from Trax4Life Media. What are little girls made of? Sugar and spice, and everything nice.... not always. People often stereotype bullies as boys. The truth is much different. Girls bully others as much as boys; however, in most cases, words are their weapons. This skit was designed to bring awareness about verbal aggression to the younger grades. This skit points out that Jade and Opal, consumed by their attitude and selfishness, are missing the beauty of another person, the one they nickname “Clammy.” Bullying is seen here more from the bullies’ points of view. The students should get the analogy that inside the wrinkled “Clam,” there is a beautiful “Pearl”.


  1. Students will develop character.
  2. Students will learn to recognize that their words can be used to bully others.
  3. Students will learn to think of the consequences of the mean words they speak.
  4. Students will reflect about their own experiences as victims of verbal aggression.
  5. Students will develop respect for their classmates.
  6. Students will learn more about verbal aggression by completing the worksheets.
  7. Students will write their thoughts down on the worksheets.

Resources and Materials:

  • Digital Audio player (i.e. CD, MP3, Wave) of the “Solar System” audio track
  • Selected worksheets for your grade level
  • Pens/pencils
  • Coloring crayons (depending on grade level)
  • Optional: (your choice) copy of the script.
  • Puppets and stage if performing as a puppet show.

Verbal Bullying Lesson Plan

Teacher Preparation:

Prepare the grade level appropriate worksheets you have selected. Make sure your audio player is cued at the track “The Value of Pearl”. Also make sure the audio player has sufficient volume to be heard by all students in the classroom setting.


This lesson awakens awareness of girl bullying. Kids mostly see pictures of boys physically bullying other boys in most media. Ask your students if they think girls can bully.

Explain that students are going to hear a story about bullying. Tell your students that they are going to hear part of a television show where two young girls are being interviewed. Point out that two girls bully the other girl (Pearl) by calling her “Clammy” all the time and mocking her appearance. Tell them the television host will confront the two girls. The host will ask the invited guests to remember a situation when they were verbally assaulted. Remind your students that before they open their mouths and act like Opal and Jade, they should keep their tongues from malice.

With older grade students, you may want to point out that in this skit, the bullies called Pearl by a de- meaning nickname. This is a common practice with bullies. Calling a person by an unwanted nickname tends to dehumanize the victim and justify the bullying.


Play the audio track “The Value of Pearl”. Ideally you can have students who have rehearsed the track perform with puppets or as a drama in a marine setting or television studio. Distribute the worksheets you have selected, and have the students complete them.

Briefly discuss the audio track. Discuss the following main topics:

  1. Why do you think Jade and Opal called Pearl by the nickname of “Clammy”?
  2. Do you think Jade and Opal will come back on Sea View TV?
  3. How does it feel when people mock you?
  4. What happened when the television host reminded Jade and Opal about the time people called them names?
  5. Ask the students what can be found inside a clam. Explain the value of a pearl and how it is symbolic in this story.
  6. Like Clammy in the story, is it possible that there is a precious or valuable person in someone we may not think much of?

Verbal Bullying worksheet


Students can be evaluated based on written answers, teacher observation, participation in group discussions. Students can also be evaluated through drama/puppets performance should you have decided to proceed with these wonderful teaching methods. Invite students to meet privately with you should they want to discuss this subject more seriously. Student should have learned to respect each other’s differences and diversity.

Students could produce this as a theatre or puppet skit for other classes. Arrange for a tour of the school with the puppets and the stage they have created.

The Value of Pearl

Grades 1-6

Lesson Plan on Tattling


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