What will your children get from this resource?

Discussion Guide on laced drugs

They get the inside scoop about street drugs, "laced" drugs, the truth about drug dealers that they won't get elsewhere.

article for kids on laced drugs

They learn:

  • The difference between legal prescription drugs and illegal drugs, laced drugs
  • How and why street drugs often get laced and changed
  • What happens to the same bag of street drugs when it is sold over and over to different people
  • Why drug dealers often add chemicals to the street drugs they sell
  • What it means to "lace" a drug
  • The types of poisons that can found in street drugs
  • The effects street drugs have on people
  • What can happen if poisonous street drugs get into the hands of children
  • The best course of action to take when offered harmful street drugs
  • When and why legal prescription drugs are used illegally
  • To stay away from drugs, alcohol and smoking
  • What safe alternatives are available to enjoy instead

Lesson Plan for Kids on laced drugs

What is Included in the Lesson Plan?

      • The objectives of what the student will know after learning this material
      • Positive preferences to discuss with the students
      • Watching the video and questions to ask the students afterwards
      • When to divide into groups to complete the worksheet (included in the PDF download)
      • Suggestions for role-playing about the issue of dangerous drugs
      • Suggestions for a current events discussion about drugs
      • Suggestions for art projects about this issue

laced drugs worksheet

What is Included in the Worksheets?

  • Fill in the blanks with words/concepts from the video and newsletter
  • How to reach out to friends who are in danger of accepting illegal drugs
  • Analyzing a recent newspaper article about the subject of laced drugs
  • Analyzing a provided hypothetical newspaper article
  • Discussion about how prescription drugs are dispensed properly and safely (scenario provided)
  • A scenario of a typical offer of someone else's prescription drug by a friend (for discussion)
  • This last scenario is the heart of the lessons. By this time, students should understand the health risks they are facing. They are equipped with the knowledge that the only right answer is to refuse the offer of the drugs because to do otherwise could result in serious negative consequences.

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The Danger of Laced Drugs

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