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School Resource Officer Booklet

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Three activity sheets adjusted for different age groups.

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  • A two page article on What is the School Resource Officer? with illustrations.

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  • Three activity sheets adjusted for different age groups.

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School Resource Officer Worksheet

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Read an extract from the article:

Most school resource officers spend time getting to know the students and teachers on their school campuses. That way, they know who is a stranger and who belongs on campus.

They know how many students attend the school and when their parents drop them off or pick them up. They know who needs help and who is a helper. School resource officers are like the peace keepers of your school.

When you cross paths with your school resource officer, offer him or her a friendly hello and a high-five. They work very hard to keep you safe at school. They care about your safety in the community and at home. Your school resource officer helps your school in many ways.

You can help your school resource officer keep your school safe, happy and healthy by following the rules. You can also help by reporting others who do not follow the rules.

Your school resource officer is a helper to your school and community. You can also help by listening, obeying the rules, and helping encourage others to do the same.

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School resource Officer


This is the perfect product for a police officer to introduce him/herself to kids. Great for rookie officers and veterans alike.

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You do not have to be a "School Resource Officer" to use this educational product. Part-time and one-time visiting police officers will find this package just as useful

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