Lesson Plan on Reporting Bullying

Introduction/Warm-Up (approximately 10 minutes):

Ask the students to tell you what it feels like when someone says something mean to him or her, or how it feels when they get hurt when they play. Talk about how it feels when they are sad or hurt. Ask them what they do when they feel that way. Explain that nobody wants to feel hurt or sad.

Lesson Explanation (30-40 minutes):

Step 1 - Explain that even though it took place on the Internet, what happened to Robert was a form of bullying, and bullying of any kind is wrong. This kind of bullying is what we call cyberbullying.

Explain to students what bullying means. Younger students may not fully understand what bullying is or the difference between verbal and physical abuse from bullying. Make sure that they understand that bullying is not something they do for fun or because everyone else does.

Remind them of how it feels when they are hurt and explain that is how a person feels when they are bullied. Use the definition below to help illustrate the concept to the students.

  • Definition #1: Bullying – Repeated acts of abuse. When a person exerts verbal or physical force to exert power over another person or group.

Then give them the following examples of bullying:

  • Jack just started a new school. He is very smart and gets straight A’s. He does not like his new school; because one student is mean to him and forces him to do his schoolwork or he will hit Jack in the face every day.
  • Darla loves to play in her neighborhood. She plays on the playground every day. One day two other girls tells Darla that she cannot play on the playground anymore, unless she brings them candy every day. Darla ignores them and the next day at school the girls tell everyone that she sometimes wets the bed at night. Everyone laughs at Darla. Throughout that day the girls continue to tease and taunt Darla.

Talk about how each is an example of bullying.

Then ask the students what they should do in both of those examples.

  • Should Jack and Darla tell someone, or not? If so, who should they tell?

Explain to the students that it is important to always report bullying whenever it happens to you or a friend.

Tell them that many other children are scared to report bullying because of what may happen to them, but encourage them not to be worried about this and that if they tell the right person everything will be ok.

Also, explain that you are going to tell them how to report bullying and they are going to practice it too.

Reporting Bullying 123 Lesson Plan

Step 2 - How to Report Bullying

Explain to the students that when they or a friend is being bullied they should report a responsible adult, always. This can be a:

  • Teacher
  • Parent
  • Principal
  • School Administrator or Counselor
  • Care Taker
  • Coach
  • Adult Family Member

When they tell the adult they should tell them the 5W’s of reporting bullying:

  • Who is bullying them?
  • What happened when they were bullied?
  • When did the bullying last happen?
  • Where were they bullied?
  • Why do they feel unsafe? (they were threatened, it happens all the time, etc.)
  • How were they bullied? (physical, verbal, emotionally, etc.)

Explain that it is important to tell the adult that they feel unsafe and want them to help them.

  • Make sure that the students understand that bullying will not stop unless they report it. They should not try to stop it on their own; they need to get an adult person’s help.

Then practice the 5W’s of reporting bullying with one of the scenarios that you went through earlier with the group.

  • To do this on the board write down; who, what, when, where, why and how and fill in the blanks accordingly from the scenario in step 1 to help students see how to report bullying.

Reporting Bullying 123 Worksheet

Step 3 - Let’s report bullying.

  • Then have your students complete the worksheets about how to report bullying.
  • In these worksheets students will read or go through a bullying scenario and then complete the prompt on how to report it using the 5W’s.

Step 4 - Review and Recap.

Once the students have completed the worksheets, as a group talk about why it is important to report bullying again. Make sure they understand that it will not stop unless they report it and that those that are bullying need to know that it is not allowed.

  • This only happens through reporting bullying.

Reporting Bullying

Grades 1-2-3

Lesson Plan on Reporting Bullying


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Reporting Bullying

Grades 1-2-3

Lesson Plan on Reporting Bullying


  • Family and/or One Classroom (Up to 35 Photocopie​s)
  • Two Classrooms (Up to 70 Photocopie​s) (+$2.00)
  • School Wide (Up to 350 Photocopie​s) (+$18.00)

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