It is important to teach kids how to be upstanders. If you want to teach your kids to be active bystanders, then that can be a good thing because it will reduce the audience that a bully desires.

Bullying Keyboard

It can also help to support the victim and prevent trauma from happening too. They can be a positive influence that can greatly diminish the effect of a bully. It will also help to encourage other students to be positive.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kids need to grow up to be responsible in their own right. Bystanders can intervene correctly and improve any kind of situation as well.

  • Teachers can do their part when it comes to instructing kids to do just that. Upstanding students are an important part of any kind of community as well.

  • These students are a shining example of how people tend to reaction. Get to know the research and what teachers are doing these days as well.

"When bystanders intervene correctly, studies find they can cut bullying more than half the time and within 10 seconds."

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