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Sometimes it's really hard to concentrate when you are doing homework on your computer or online. There are some ways to help yourself not get distracted or burnt out. Make sure you appoint various breaks. This will help your refresh yourself and not get burnt out.

Make a good space for your school work to deter your from any distractions. Turning off and putting away your electronics will also help you from getting distracted. Setting time limits with rewards will help you get done with the final leg. If you still are having trouble, you can make your learning into a game with rewards.

Key Takeaways:

  • Turning off all electronics and getting into a quiet setting will increase your learning

  • If you are having trouble with homework and studying, you can try to make a game out of it with rewards.

  • Setting breaks and rules will help get rid of that burn out feeling you get and will make it easier to absorb information

"With all their classwork moving online, students may find it even easier to be on social media or play games during school hours."

Read more: https://smartsocial.com/post/prevent-homework-distractions

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