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The education system of America in the past has heavily focused on academic achievement as opposed to the development of character. Although, with the ongoing global pandemic, many educators are shifting their focus to provide students with tools to think independently and contribute to the greater good of society.

The idea of this shift fits well with the practice of outdoor education. Research has shown that teaching an outdoor curriculum not only allows students to become better problem solvers, but also nourishes skills that transfer back to traditional classrooms.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Our education system focuses on academic achievement, but not on nurturing character.

  • Evidence suggests that children learning outdoors develop more confidence and greater self-awareness.

  • The perspective of evolutionary psychology is that our brains evolved outdoors, so that's where we are at our best.


"For the past few decades, it appears the focus of our education system has been on academic achievement, on equipping our children with qualifications to enable them to progress through a prescriptive system of attainment."

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