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We all tend to have a laundry list of traits we want to instill on our children but many of these lists fall short in the area of humility. There are many ways to teach our children the art of humility, namely in fun activities. Parents can design a calender which kids can mark days of expressing the trait.

Humility vs Arrogance

They can also have their kids make thank you cards to some of our daily unsung heroes. There are so many options to teach children humility in both their speech and action throughout each day.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are many people who perform thankless jobs that make your child's life easier. Start by helping your child identify these selfless people.

  • Older kids need more of a challenge for learning about humility. Allow them to try out humility through role-playing or random acts of kindness.

  • Present children with a series of scenarios where they can choose to be boastful or humble, such as winning a game, getting an A on a test or giving someone a gift.

"Then, take off the yellow star and give the child a small star sticker to wear and explain that the smaller star represents being humble. Alternatively, provide a chart where your child can place small stars to show a humble act."

Read more: https://kids.lovetoknow.com/wiki/Activities_for_Kids_On_Humility

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