High Performing Students

When you are a student, in any sense of the word then there are significant ways to attain peak performance. At the top of that list is to have a well planned goal. Having a goal is basically setting yourself up for success. When implementing a goal, be sure you put your thoughts into writing and be very specific.

Commit or make a promise to yourself to carry out your plan. Try not to take the path of least resistance but challenge those goals and make sure you reward yourself for milestones by acknowledging your accomplishments.

Key Takeaways:

  • Written goals can operate as a road map for people to track their progress.

  • >Setting goals has been highly correlated with self-confidence, motivation, and gives students a sense of autonomy.

  • It is important for people to put their goals in writing, commit to completing them, and they must be specific about what they want to achieve.

"Did you know that goal-setting is a skill that is highly associated with those who excel in school, work, and life?"

Read more: https://www.rootsofaction.com/goal-setters-peak-performers/?fbclid=IwAR3NdHzJ2HOI0SWUDAHdoVcuq217eV2qnxjDW5VbxgKZakwirTlUf-1Bveo

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