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Character Traits

Parenting is not easy, and each of our children has their own distinct personalities. There are common traits though, that we can nourish to help make each of the children be more accepted and lovable. Teaching our children humility will help them to be graceful in life, strong in their successes while avoiding pride.

Contentment will allow them to learn to accept what they are, and to be happy with themselves. There are many other valuable lessons we can teach them, to improve their character.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sometimes we know our children as being obedient at home while they surprise us by acting out at school.

  • If you're like me then you get left with a gut wrenching feeling when the teacher tells you that your child has been violent.

  • We want to show our kids by example how we can be confident, resilient, caring, and many more traits that will help them understand how their actions affect others.

"His teacher stopped me to tell me that Jay somehow had managed to get into a scuffle with his friends and ended up beating one of the boys black and blue. She gave me a firm warning about Jay’s unacceptable behavior letting him off fairly lightly just this time as this was his first episode."

Read more: https://afineparent.com/building-character/good-character-traits.html


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