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No evidence more screen time is harmful to kids

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused families and children to spend a lot more time in front of computer screens. Despite worries from parents, there is no solid evidence that screen time is harmful to kids (although it is a problem when coupled with inactivity or reduced sleep).

Family Watching Television

In response to increased screen time, parents should try to spend time with their children online. Furthermore, they should use age-appropriate parental controls and talk to their kids about cyberbullying. Ultimately, there is plenty of educational material online, and a little entertainment doesn't hurt either.

Key Takeaways:

  • For all the controversy over the implications of too much screen time for children, devices are now unquestionably necessary for the US education system.

  • Screens have allowed people to separate themselves physically from their friends and loved ones without becoming unhealthily isolated and lonely.

  • There isn’t actually any hard evidence that screen time is always inherently bad for children.


"Arguing that screen time leads to cyberbullying is like saying school time leads to face-to-face bullying."

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