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Honesty is widely regarded as a quality of truthfulness. Some might argue that as human beings we are at our best and moreover in the state that we were intended to be in when we are 100% truthful. Therefore being less than so diminishes us as individuals. Some might also argue that as a society we are becoming quite complacent in our acceptance of dishonesty as the norm. And yet this very fact makes us yearn for the opposite, that is genuine transparency and honesty. It's further been argued that keeping things honest promotes better physical and spiritual health, as well as creating stronger and more trust-based relationships.

Given all these good reasons, it stands to reason that teaching youngsters the value of the moral concept of honesty is important. Fortunately, there are definite ways to go about this. For kids to appreciate the value of truth, they must see it. So, modeling the virtue is key. Truth-telling should be rewarded with praise. Moreover, the downfalls of living dishonestly should be explored and explained. Promises made should always be promises kept. And caregivers should be careful not to place youngsters into the sorts of corners that would make lying seem to be the only choice.

Key Takeaways:

  • One blogger believes society is becoming complacent with accepting dishonesty as the norm.

  • Yet, conversely it would appear that living in such a society creates a yearning for the opposite quality of authenticity.

  • It's been suggested that we are each at are best when truthful. So, dishonesty lessens us as individuals.

"Because we are talking about kids I would have loved to reduce the whole discussion to ‘ teaching kids not to lie’ because lying is more common among kids but as we see from the above definition lying is just a tiny aspect of what we are dealing with."

Read more: https://theincredibleboy.com/how-to-teach-kids-honesty-why-it-matters/


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