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Integrity for kids

Integrity has taken a back seat in this day and age. With everybody at each others throats online about opinions and disputes over social issues, nasty comments are on the rise, and children are being exposed to this. This is affecting the children psychologically and there needs to be some intervention.

The number one thing that hiring managers look for is integrity, everything else is worthless after that. Make sure that they value family values, reward good behavior, and most importantly, be a good role model.

Key Takeaways:

  • The nasty comments people are making to each other can have lasting, and damaging effects on children.

  • Good grades and listening are both great, but your child must have integrity, it's one of the most important things hiring managers look for.

  • One of the biggest ways to instill integrity in your children is to model that behavior for them.

"Most leaders agree that money, power, and achieving goals is secondary to the whole human being. This sentiment is found within the texts of all the great religions of the world. And for good reason. Collective human success and well-being depends on the respectful, honest, and courageous exchange of thoughts and ideas."

Read more: https://www.rootsofaction.com/integrity/


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