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Middle School Students

Middle school is a transitional time that’s quite challenging for both the parents and the kids. Judith Warner’s newest book helps put the experience in perspective as a result of extensive research and numerous interviews she conducted. The population sample provides a good mix and spans different zip codes, social and racial backgrounds, as well as ages.

One of the main takeaways from the book is that struggles are real and everyone involved should be aware of it. If you are struggling through these times, you are definitely not alone.

Key Takeaways:

      • Making Sense of Middle School is taken advice from the author Judith Warner's book: And Then They Stopped Talking to Me! Making Sense of Middle School.

      • Judith did extensive research while at the same time interviewing all backgrounds of middle school kids. Her biggest discovery was how parents are dealing with not only home schooling their children while at the same time having to make their own living. That's enough, but some are also dealing with crippling illnesses or homelessness.

      • Middle school is such a sensitive period and it's hitting middle schoolers extra hard.

"Even for those fortunate enough not to be dealing with illness or unemployment, homelessness or hunger, the pressures and anxiety are crippling."

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