School Violence

Three quarters of school shooters were bullied in school. Bullying affects school children in various ways, and hinders their emotional, moral, and cognitive development. Children need a safe place, a school that is inclusive and where they feel safe. The author created the 6Rs of bullying prevention. The first step is: Rules - schools must have clear anti-bullying rules. R2: Recognize - school staff must know how to recognize bullying. R3: Report- There must be clear procedures on reporting bullying. R4: Respond: teach bystanders on how to respond, and supervise areas that may not have had supervision. R5: Refuse: Teach students that maybe targets on how to refuse being provoked. and R6: Replace: Replace bullying activities with kindness and caring.

Key Takeaways:

  • You must provide a safe and inclusive school environment for all of the children
  • You must make lasting changes that have a profound effect through awareness and high perception to end school violence.
  • Have and maintain a strict anti-bullying policy to keep our children safe from harms way

"The first part of effective bullying prevention is creating a safe and caring learning community to support all students’ cognitive, social, moral, and emotional development."

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