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Character has been a focal point of United States politics since the very beginning. It's not solely about a person's ability to lead, but the content of their character as well.


The original values, such as honesty and compassion, seem to have been replaced with other values - mean ones, creating politicians who benefit from lying, fibbing, and manipulating the truth. This is, sadly, a problem that crosses party lines. We have drifted very far from the original values that this country was founded on.

Key Takeaways:

  • Character has been a hallmark of national elections ever since 1800 when a newspaper editor supporting Thomas Jefferson attacked the "hideous hermaphroditical character" of President John Adams.

  • If Democrats believe character is critical, why isn't character development—the moral, behavioral, civic, and intellectual aspects of who we are and how we grow—part of their platform?

  • The Republicans fare no better. The party punted on publishing a 2020 platform, choosing instead to release a set of core priorities.

"Every school should identify a set of core values that reflects the school's highest priorities"

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