Fun Character Building

Real Life Videos

Real Life Videos

Watch real-life videos that shows people's character.

Do your values differ from the main stream of our culture’s values?

Find Out!

Mysteries for Kids

Stories for kids

Can you solve mysteries? Will you pay attention to details? Clues are in every story. Would you make a good detective? Let's find out..


Street Smart Kids

One-armed Bandit

Ever wonder why some kids get in trouble easy and others not?

These articles will give you and your friends tips and tricks to stay safe.

Get Smart

Problem Solving


Find out how you react in a sticky situation.

Listen or watch our interactive problem-solving riddles.

Bring it on!

 YOU have the power to be a superhero.

SH 2 

That’s right!

And the good news is you don’t have to: Be super-strong or super-smart Be a fast runner or good at sports Live in a big house or wear fancy shoes Have your own phone or tablet To be superhero, all you need is CHARACTER!

Girl Flying