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Enthralling mysteries for kids that will test your skills as a detective. Captivating stories that will keep boys and girls busy while they learn important moral values. Written to stimulate the imaginations of elementary grades students. My mysteries are from The Old Compass E-Magazines and can vary in difficulty depending on each publication.


A Short-Lived Secret

Today, our third day at Camp Sewanee, my friend Rachel and I got up early so we could go help set up the dining hall. Well, mostly so that Rachel could get the Early Bird award for being the first one to come over and help. Rachel will try for any prize anyone offers. She'd missed her chance yesterday because she stopped to talk with Dwight.
A Short-Lived Secret
Science Poster

A Fair Use of Science

Marty sighed. Without the electric element to heat up the “lava”, the cool volcano experiment Angela had entered was nothing but a big papier mâchè mountain. With judging set to start any minute, it appeared the only thing erupting would be Angela’s temper. “Whoever did this is going to pay,” she muttered through clenched teeth. “Marty, if you catch who did this, I’ll split half of the prize money with you.”
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A Mystery while hiking

A Not-So-Sweet-Surprise

I spent most of my week at Camp Netop looking forward to the overnight hike. I wanted to go way out into the woods and hear the loons calling all night and wake up under the stars.
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Missing Mask Mystery

The Missing Mask

Tina rushed off the school bus and into her friend’s house. She pulled her mask off as soon as she was through the door, taking a deep breath of air. Amanda and Jacob’s mom met them as soon as they entered the kitchen.
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Melissa Solves a Mystery

Stolen Skateboard

Most adults didn’t seem to know one end of a skateboard from the other but Mr Reynolds knew a lot about things that kids did. “What do you mean Mr Reynolds?” asked Lily when he didn’t add anything further. “What I mean is the skateboard has gone, somebody has stolen it. I just can’t believe anyone would do such a thing”.
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Mysteries for Kids

The Case of The Missing Slippers

Very Strange
Paisley’s mother asked her when she had lost her slippers. She answered that she had not seen them since Monday, which was a week ago today. Maura overheard about the missing slippers and spoke up with some valuable information, “I saw Garrett wearing the slippers on Tuesday morning!"
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Three Scared Zombies

Halloween Mystery

Halloween night-- there is no night like it! I love giving out candies, chips and chocolate bars to all the kids that come to our door. In fact, my friends were pretty upset when I told them that I would not be going trick-or-treating this year.
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Awesome Graphics

What a puzzle!

“Josh Watkins stole my lunch money,” Liz said. Liz has been my BFF since the second grade. We even wore matching blue ribbons in our ponytails, but we're too old for that sort of thing now. She'd been crying...
Halloween Mystery for Kids

The Halloween Door Disaster

I sat up and looked around the room. Today was the day of our school door decorating contest for Halloween. Each grade was working hard to design and decorate their door.
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A Christmas Mystery

A Christmas Mystery

Christmas Mystery at the Shopping Mall
It was the morning just before Christmas, and my Mom had to make an emergency trip to the mall. We had to go to the mall because my older brother, my dad, and I made a mistake.
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A Christmas Mystery

Stolen Santa Hats

There were so many boxes, and Sadie began to start searching. She went through box after box, putting some special decorations on display as she went. Finally, she reached the last box. “They have to be in here,” she thought. “There aren’t any more boxes.”
Where are the Santa Hats?