Paisley placed her finger to her chin to think and considered all that she had heard. Her brother and sister stand by the fact that they returned the slippers to her room, and yet they both say they found her slippers in various places around the house. Just then, she thought about the locations where her brother and sister had found her penguin slippers. Her brother had found the slippers near the dog bowl and her sister had found the slippers next to Aubie’s dog bed. “Aha!” exclaimed Paisley, “No person took my slippers from the room! Aubie must have gotten them, and they are probably under the dining room table with his dog toys.”


“If your sister and brother did not take your slippers, I believe you owe them an apology for accusing them without reason,” said her mother. Paisley knew her mother was right, and turned towards Maura and Garrett. “I’m sorry,” expressed Paisley, “I guess I should wait until I get all the facts before I accuse someone of doing something wrong.” Her brother and sister accepted her apology, and Paisley found her fuzzy penguin slippers in perfect condition . . . except for maybe a bit of drool on the toe.

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