Suddenly, she spotted white, fluffy material tucked into Grandma’s big bag. She asked, “Grandma, can I look in your bag for a second?”

Sadie peaked into the bag. Her eyes opened wide. Her jaw dropped. “There are the Santa hats! Where did you find them!?” she exclaimed, taking them from her grandmother and putting one on her head.

“I put them away safely last year so we wouldn’t lose them! I do this every year,” said Grandma.

Sadie looked at Mom and pouted. “Mom, seriously?! Didn’t you know that? We looked everywhere for them!”

“Sorry,” mom shrugged. “I guess I forgot.”

Sadie handed out the Santa hats to everyone, as mom handed out the slices of Christmas tree pizza.

Grandma hurried to make hot chocolate and poured it into mugs so they could take it to the parade. Dad set up the camera on a tripod quickly.

They could hear the sound of music starting to play as the parade began moving down their street. They all gathered in front of the staircase and yelled “Merry Christmas!” as the camera snapped another picture for Grandma’s photo wall.