Is shoplifting okay? One of life sticky situation for kids to solve!

 “The party’s next Saturday!” Kelsey said. “I can’t believe it’s finally here. Kelsey and Lusia had been looking forward to Kelsey’s birthday party for weeks. It seems like forever,” Lusia agreed. Luisa’s Mom parked the car in front of Shawn’s Corner Market. “Girls, I have to run inside for some milk. Do you want to come in and get a snack?”

“Sure. Thanks, Mom,” Lusia said. The girls went inside and got drinks and chips.

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Kelsey - A shoplifting story

Kelsey grimaced. “Hey, Lusia, I’ve got to use the bathroom. Where is it?” Luisa pointed towards the back of the store. “It’s all the way back there, behind the dog food.” “Thanks. I’ll be fast.”

Conversation about shoplifting

Mom carried two gallons of milk to the register. She greeted Shawn, the store’s owner. “I’m glad you opened this store. It’s really handy, when I need something fast.” “I’m glad to have customers like you. This store has been a dream of mine for years.” Shawn rang up the purchases.

“What about you, Lusia?

Are you getting anything?”

Luisa gave him the snacks.

“I’ve got Kelsey’s, too.

She’s in the …”

“Here I am!”

Kelsey came running from the back. She looked really excited about something. Lusia started to ask, but Kelsey put her finger across her lips. Shawns Shop - A shoplifting story It was probably something about her presents.

Kelsey had been begging her parents for a dog. Lusia couldn’t wait to hear.

Finally, they were alone in Lusia’s room. “What did you find out?” Lusia asked.

“Are you getting a dog, after all?”

Kelsey burst out laughing.

“I hope so, but I don’t know for sure. Look what I got us!”

She turned her backpack upside down. A dozen candy bars fell onto the floor. Kelsey always shared whatever she had. She’d bring bags of cookies to school and share them with the whole lunch table.

“Aren’t you surprised?” Kelsey said.

“Go on, you pick one first.”

Lusia laughed as she picked up a chocolate bar.

“Wow! You had these at school and you didn’t tell anyone?”

“I didn’t have them, then,” Kelsey said cheerfully. “I got them at the store.” Lusia stared at her.

“But I was there. You didn’t buy anything.”

Kelsey rolled her eyes. “Of course not! I swiped them for us. Smart, huh?”

Lusia couldn’t believe what she’d heard. “You stole them?”

Kelsey Backpack with Chocolate Shoplifting

“I didn’t steal them. I just took them from the store. Stealing is when you take something from a person.”

\“If you don’t pay for them, it’s stealing.”

Kelsey looked angry. “It’s not, either. It’s shoplifting. My brother does it all the time. Shoplifting doesn’t hurt anyone.”

Lusia felt confused and upset. She’d been best friends with Kelsey for ages.

But Kelsey was wrong. Shoplifting was stealing, wasn’t it?

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