A problem-solving riddle about getting along with relatives.

Mum and Aunt Julie are sisters and almost neighbors but they can’t stand each other.

Now Dad’s out of town with his job and Mum has to go help her best friend who was in a car accident.

Car Accident Insurance

I have to stay in town for school, so I’m staying with Aunt Julie for the first time in my life.

 She gave me a big hug and she fixed me a big supper, but she kept saying things like “Jill would have a heart attack” (Jill’s my mum) “if she knew her daughter was eating stuffing that came out of a bag.”


Aunt Julie Scene

I said at other people’s houses we eat whatever they serve, except artificial sweetener that makes holes in your brain. 


My aunt is not impress!

 Aunt Julie rolled her eyes and said she knew who had holes in her brain and behaved like the Queen of the Universe.

I stared at my plate like I do when Mum tells people about artificial sweeteners.
“Sorry, honey,” Aunt Julie said. “It’s not your fault.

What other rules does she have?

Do you ever have fun?”

Rule Book

“Her rules all have reasons,” I try to explain. “ We don’t shop at stores that don’t pay their workers enough, and we don’t watch movies where the women are all sexy and stupid.

We do have fun…” I told about how we paddle the canoe down the river and watch birds, and sing funny songs, and read aloud together.

Aunt Julie sighed.

Canoe Trip

Sticky Situation

Today when I got off the bus Aunt Julie said, “Honey, we’ll to have a girl’s night out tonight. We’re going to a fast-food place, and we’re going shopping, and we’re going to a movie, and we’re not going to worry about rules.”

“But Mum…”

“I won’t tell on you.”

What should I do now?

Girl with Questions

Problem Solving PuzzlesSmaller

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