Six Steps to Top-Notch Thank-You Notes

Thank-You Note

Learn to take your thank-you notes to the next level

Number 1 Gold
Use tools that show you care about how the note looks. No scribbling with a worn out marker on the back of an old homework assignment!
Thank-You Notes Good and Bad paper
Number 2 Red
Greet the person by name (and be sure to spell it correctly). Example: Dear Aunt Jasmine,
Dear John Note
Number 3 Green
Express your feelings about what the person did for you. You might use some of these words:
Thank you for, I appreciate, I’m so thankful, I’m grateful for, your kindness, your generosity, your thoughtfulness
Typewritten Thank You note
Number 4 Gold
Tell what the person did and describe the result. It might sound like this: Your kind words after the concert made me feel like all those piano lessons were really worth it. Or: I’ll be sure to snuggle up in those pajamas when it gets cold this winter.
  Thank You Scrabble
Number 5 Red
End with a kind observation about the person. For example, you can tell Grandpa how nice it was to see him or wish Cousin Parker a safe trip home.
thank-you notes Fishing with Grandpa
Number 6 Green
Use a closing and sign your name. Try Much Love, Sincerely, Yours Truly, or Your Friend.

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