character traits

  • Character Traits - How To Become A Superhero!

    Superhero Blue Standing

    YOU have the power to be a superhero. That’s right! And the good news is you don’t have to:

    • Be super-strong or super-smart
    • Be a fast runner or good at sports
    • Live in a big house or wear fancy shoes
    • Have your own phone or tablet

    To be superhero, all you need is CHARACTER!

  • Discussion guide for elementary kids on the Syrian refugee crisis

    The Syrian Refugees Booklet3D

    You and I have heard lots on this world event in the past weeks. At the time I write this, few people know where this is leading us. We have seen tons of news reports and opinion clips from politicians and citizens alike stating their position and concerns on Syrian refugees. No doubt, no matter where you sit on the issue, you have been overwhelmed with heartwarming human compassion and outraged by the position and actions of others. Now, it’s time for you to hear from our future leaders.

  • Hey kids! Your turn to talk on the Syrian Refugee Crisis

    Background Information – The Civil War in Syria

    Did you know that millions of people have fled Syria since 2011 because of a civil war? A civil war is a war between different groups of people from the same country. For example, the US had a Civil War in 1861-1865. This war was fought between the North and the South over slavery.