Get Unstuck!

  • A Shoplifting Story for children

    Is shoplifting okay? One of life sticky situation for kids to solve!

     “The party’s next Saturday!” Kelsey said. “I can’t believe it’s finally here. Kelsey and Lusia had been looking forward to Kelsey’s birthday party for weeks. It seems like forever,” Lusia agreed. Luisa’s Mom parked the car in front of Shawn’s Corner Market. “Girls, I have to run inside for some milk. Do you want to come in and get a snack?”

    “Sure. Thanks, Mom,” Lusia said. The girls went inside and got drinks and chips.

  • Friends, Fight and Money

    A Short Story on Friendship and Money.

    Now that I’m eleven my parents finally let me go off on my bike without an adult if I tell them where I’m going and when I’ll be back.

    Friends, Fight and Money

    I thought I’d have a great time this summer, bicycling around with my friends Jason, Louis and George and doing our favorite things.

    But we keep arguing about what to do.

  • Grandma Dirksen's Money - A Story on Friendship and Integrity

    A sticky situation with a friend for you to figure out.

    Dennis and I have been friends forever. We met in our neighbourhood when we were wee little boys.

    We were excited to be in the same grade 8 classroom this year. Every Wednesday after school we go to our Judo class and then we walk back home.

  • Rules and Relatives

    A problem-solving riddle about getting along with relatives.

    Mum and Aunt Julie are sisters and almost neighbors but they can’t stand each other.

    Now Dad’s out of town with his job and Mum has to go help her best friend who was in a car accident.

    Car Accident Insurance

    I have to stay in town for school, so I’m staying with Aunt Julie for the first time in my life.

     She gave me a big hug and she fixed me a big supper, but she kept saying things like “Jill would have a heart attack” (Jill’s my mum) “if she knew her daughter was eating stuffing that came out of a bag.”

  • Sort it Out - Are the police my friends or not?

    What is a kid suppose to think about police officers?

    Are the police my friends

    Something weird happened at my friend Andrew’s house yesterday and I just can’t get it out of my mind. Maybe you can help me to sort it out.