• What Is An Immigrant?

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    Where were you born? Where do you live now? Are there others who live around you, go to your school, or play on your soccer team who were born in a different country? They may look different than you, but maybe not. They may speak differently, but maybe not. Maybe you know someone who was born here, but their parents were born in a different country before moving here.

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    An immigrant is someone who moves from the country where they were born to a new country.  They may become a permanent resident of the new country, meaning they remain a citizen of their birth country but live in the new country permanently, or they may become a citizen of their new country, as if they had been born into the new country.

    Dual Citizenship

    It is even possible for a person to hold dual citizenship, continuing to be a citizen of their birth country and becoming a citizen of the new country as well.

    Why Do People Immigrate?

    Why would someone choose to move to another country?  
    Some of the reasons could be:
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    • Lack of jobs or low wages: Some people choose to leave their country in the hopes of finding a better job in a new location. Depending on their skills or education levels, there may be too few jobs in one area, while another area may be looking for people to do those jobs. It is also possible that one country may pay less for the same job in another country, causing people to move to the country that pays more.

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