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  • Discovery Guide and Video Animation for Kids on Geo-Location

    Have you ever heard about “Geo-location” or “Geo-tagging”?

    Most people would answer yes, but few would really know what it is all about, even less are able to explain to kids. Geo-location is fun, effective and practical. Geo-location can be very dangerous. Location of friends There are several internet post for parents and geeks on the subject, but I could hardly find anything for kids. I have produced a video animation and discovery guide for elementary kids on the topic.

  • Discussion guide for elementary kids on the Syrian refugee crisis

    The Syrian Refugees Booklet3D

    You and I have heard lots on this world event in the past weeks. At the time I write this, few people know where this is leading us. We have seen tons of news reports and opinion clips from politicians and citizens alike stating their position and concerns on Syrian refugees. No doubt, no matter where you sit on the issue, you have been overwhelmed with heartwarming human compassion and outraged by the position and actions of others. Now, it’s time for you to hear from our future leaders.

  • Gossiping-Pulling the plug on put-downs, rumors, and trash talk

    If you ask parents what they worried would harm their kids the most when their kids were growing up, they will most likely say, “drugs, bad friends, smoking, and booze.”

    Few would answer, “gossiping.” Curious isn’t it? Considering that gossip has destroyed many people’s lives. Gossip has damaged marriages, decimated public figures, and ruined businesses. One day it could seriously damage your child’s life as well!

  • Internet Safety for Kids: Surfing Safely

    Boy at ComputerYour children and students surf the web. It is inevitable and inescapable. With all of the technological devices they have within their reach today, it is essential that children are taught how to surf the web safely in school and at home, and understand the dangers and deceptions of being online. Learn why and how you should talk to your children and students about surfing safely and gain some additional tips and tricks to try at home and in your classroom.