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  • What Is An Immigrant?

    What Is An Immigrant?

    What Is An Immigrant? Where were you born? Where do you live now? Are there others who live around you, go to your school, or play on your soccer team who were born in a different country? They may look different than you, but maybe not. They may speak differently, but maybe not. Maybe you know someone who was born

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  • Helping Syrian Refugees

    Helping Syrian Refugees

    Hey kids! Your turn to talk on the Syrian Refugee Crisis Background Information – The Civil War in Syria Did you know that millions of people have fled Syria since 2011 because of a civil war? A civil war is a war between different groups of people from the same country. For example, the US had a Civil War in 1861-1865. This war

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  • Grandma Dirksen's Money - A Story on Friendship and Integrity

    Grandma Dirksen's Money - A Story on Friendship and Integrity

    A sticky situation with a friend for you to figure out. Dennis and I have been friends forever. We met in our neighbourhood when we were wee little boys. We were excited to be in the same grade 8 classroom this year. Every Wednesday after school we go to our Judo class and then we walk back home.

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  • #4 - Fool's Peak an Audio Story For Kids on Internet Safety

    #4 - Fool's Peak an Audio Story For Kids on Internet Safety

    Get the inside scoop on school officer Ricardo's adventure!  Hello, kids!   I’m School Resource Officer Ricardo. Do you spend a lot of time on the Internet? I know I do and it’s usually a lot of fun. There are so many interesting things to read, lots of great pictures to see, and tons of far-out games to play. But

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  • Sort it Out - Are the police my friends or not?

    Sort it Out - Are the police my friends or not?

    What is a kid suppose to think about police officers? Something weird happened at my friend Andrew’s house yesterday and I just can’t get it out of my mind. Maybe you can help me to sort it out.

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Character Education

Character Education

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Character Traits

Character traits define who you are. Gain some insight into what your personality is made out of by learning about character traits in others and yourself!

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The Old Compass

Our flagship audio adventures for kids! Exciting stories and mysteries. Find out how your new friends get themselves in and out of trouble...Highly entertaining audio-dramas!

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Safe Kids

Hang on to your hat! These safety tips are essentials to make you street smart! Fun, short stories and animations.

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