Discover the danger and fun of Geo-Location

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Have you ever heard about “Geo-location” or “Geo-tagging”? I know they are big words, but I’d like to tell you what they mean. Another way to say it would be your “geographical location,” or in plain English, it’s technology that tells people exactly where you are.

Location of friends

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Find out who keeps you safe at school. Learn & Play the Safe Way!

From the time you walk out of the door in the morning until you arrive back at home, there are many people working to keep you safe. Yes, they want you to learn and have fun, but staying safe is job #1!

Bus Dirver Learn and Play the Safe Way!

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Internet Safety

Don't chat with strangers on the Internet

My name is Florence. I like to go to the library at school to use the computers when I need help with homework. Once I found a chat room where kids help other kids with school.

Gulliver -  Internet safety

Someone named Gulliver told me he got good grades. He sent me a link and it did not look like it would be bad. I saw some bad things when I clicked on the link, but I just could not help it, so I clicked another link like the first one.

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Some safety tips about babysitting.

Your first JobMoms and dads occasionally need to do some tasks that require a babysitter for your brother or sister. Boy Babysitting Brother2They need someone to babysit because they can’t watch your little brother or sister while they are getting their special tasks done. When your parents need your help, they will be counting on you to keep your brother or sister safe. Maybe your mom will be talking on the phone to someone. Or your dad might be fixing something.

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