A Shoplifting Story - A moral story for kids to solve


A Shoplifting Story -  A moral story for kids to solve UNS-004
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A shoplifting incident really get kids thinking and sharing about which path to take and how better they can choose to react in a similar situation.

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This product includes the following items:

  • One Cover Sheet
  • One Story (2 pages)
  • Five Activity Sheets (Elementary Grades)
  • One Terms of Use
  • Safe for public and religious schools

Here is a sample from the text:

It was probably something about her presents. Kelsey had been begging her parents for a dog. Luisa couldn’t wait to hear. Finally, they were alone in Luisa’s room.

“What did you find out?” Luisa asked. “Are you getting a dog, after all?”

Kelsey burst out laughing. “I hope so, but I don’t know for sure. Look what I got us!”

She turned her backpack upside down. A dozen candy bars fell onto the floor. Kelsey always shared whatever she had. She’d bring bags of cookies to school and share them with the whole lunch table.

“Aren’t you surprised?” Kelsey said. “Go on, you pick one first.”

Luisa laughed as she picked up a chocolate bar. “Wow! You had these at school and you didn’t tell anyone?”

“I didn’t have them, then,” Kelsey said cheerfully. “I got them at the store.”

Luisa stared at her. “But I was there. You didn’t buy anything.”

Kelsey rolled her eyes. “Of course not! I swiped them for us. Smart, huh?”

This fun story for kids 6-12 makes a great character education lesson. Suitable for public and religious schools and absolutely perfect for homeschool. There are five activity sheets to go along with this story.

Here is a sample from one of the character education activity sheets:

Shoplifting Lesson and Worksheet for kids

Jean-Yves Marsolais Kids be the Judge! Lead kids into a great discussion about shoplifting.


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