Friends, Fights and Money - A Problem Solving Story for Kids


Friends, Fights and Money - A Problem Solving Story for Kids UNS-0002
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Friends, Fights and Money - A Problem Solving Story for Kids on Friendship and Money

Kids learn together why it’simportant to talk with their
friends about what they can afford and what they most
want to do.

This a digital product only. You will get the PDF booklet/ file. You will not receive anything by mail or courier.

This product includes the following items:

  • One Cover Sheet
  • One Story (1 page)
  • Four Activity Sheets (Elementary Grades)
  • One Terms of Use
  • Safe for public and religious schools

Here is a sample from the text:

Now that I’m eleven my parents finally let me go off on my bike without an adult if I tell them where I’m going and when I’ll be back. I thought I’d have a great time thissummer, bicycling around with my friends Jason and Louis and George and doing ourfavorite things. But we keep arguing about what to do.

George always has an idea about what weshould do: go to the bowling alley or themovies, visit the science museum, get icecream…. I like doing those things. But Jason always has a different idea: go to the park or the library, play kickball or team chess... I like doing those things too, but George saysthey’re lame and Louis always agrees with George.

This fun story for kids 6-12 comes with activity sheets suitable for public schools and absolutely perfect for homeschool. There are four activity sheets to go along with this story.

Here is a sample from the character building activity sheets:

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Jean-Yves Joanna wrote an excellent set of worksheets to her story. Rare are the character building products on friendship and money.


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