Grandma Dirksen's Money - A Moral Story on Friendship and Integrity for Children


Grandma Dirksen's Money - A Moral Story on Friendship and Integrity for Children UNS-0001
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A Fun Way To Increase Your Kid's Moral Intelligence

This a digital product only. You will get the PDF booklet only. The storyboard video is posted on You will not receive anything by mail or courier.

  • Activity sheets for the whole family.
  • Audio narration and storyboard available on the web.
  • Safe for use in public and religious schools

Your kid can listen to the moral story online and choose the best course of actions.

Today something different happened. Dennis and I knocked at her door but there was no answer. Dennis

knows where his grandma hides a key for him under the porch. He took the key, unlocked the door and found his

grandma was gone. We noticed her car wasn’t in the garage and were disappointed because we were looking forward

to the cookies and hot cocoa.

Dennis said “That’s not a problem. Let’s go and have hot cocoa at the coffee shop a couple blocks from here.” Problem was, neither Dennis nor I had brought money. Dennis reached into his grandma’s cupboards. He pulled out

a coffee can and grabbed a handful of change. He looked in his hand and said “That should be enough for the both of us.

Let’s go.”

A Fun Way To Increase Your Kid's Moral Intelligence

You are welcome to use it for your classroom. Homeschoolers and unschoolers will also delight in this activity. Please note that you do not have to use the video animation; the story and the sheets will stand on their own. The video animation is a courtesy resource only; you will not get the video file as part of this product. Here is the link to the kid's website:

Or you can watch it on you tube:


You will get the printed story and the acivity sheets when you purchase this product

Activity sheets

Here is a sample from the character building activity sheets:


This product includes the following items:

  • One Cover Sheet
  • One Story (1 page)
  • Four Activity Sheets (Elementary Grades)
  • One Terms of Use
Jean-Yves I really enjoyed putting this animation together. Donovan did a great job of voice-acting!


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