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Lesson Plan and Worksheets on Gratitude RL-1603
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How to Teach Gratitude, Honesty, Integrity and Appreciation to Children

Some concepts are difficult to covey to children. Gratitude, appreciation, honesty and integrity fall into that category. Kids Character Building has developed a new product called "Let's Talk About Gratitude" that teachers and parents can use to instill these endearing qualities in the children under their care.

What Life Lessons Will the Children Learn?

This educational kid's magazine tells the story of a man who lost something valuable and the hero who had the integrity to returned it. Every aspect is explored from the viewpoint of each man.


Lets Talk About Gratitude

This material is appropriate for any home school and public school elementary school child.

The take-away lesson is that doing the right thing - and showing appreciation - leads to good feelings and a better world for everyone. Displaying integrity, choosing the honest option and demonstrating gratitude toward others are just a few of the life enhancing actions that are explored and encouraged in this enjoyable children's magazine.

A special point about finding something to be grateful for - even when things are not working out as planned - offers children an advanced concept of finding inner peace.

Children will also be led in a discussion of what consequences can be expected if honest actions are not carried out. The preferred consequences of honest actions over dishonest ones are discussed.

What is Included in the Lesson Plan?

Gratitude Lesson Plan

The included lesson plan will guide the instructor from start to finish. All pages of this downloadable magazine print nicely in color or black and white.

You will find:

* A real-life scenario of how one person acted kindly and the other person showed appreciation
* Topics for discussion
* Worksheets and action steps that children can complete alone or in groups
* Opportunities for the children to review how each other view gratitude and appreciation
* A craft project
* A suggestion for role-playing that demonstrate the main lesson to be learned
* An assignment (with examples) to write a thank you note
* Although the magazine can be used as a stand-alone teaching aid, there is a video that complements the material. The video is not included with the magazine but it can be viewed on our site for free or YouTube.com.Video Links provided.

View one of our worksheet on Gratitude

Worksheet on Gratitude

When the material has been completely covered, the children will understand the personal value of being kind to others and how to express their gratitude to people who have been kind to them.

You get 19 pages of articles, lesson plans, (one for Grades 123 and one for grades 456) and worksheets.

Jean-Yves Marsolais

Teach a meaningful lesson on gratitude!



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