Frequently Asked Questions

 For what age range are your products?

Trax4life Media designs resources to be entertaining for the whole family. We would say that as far as character building tools, we aimed at elementary grades. Our products certainly can be used with preschool children and with older children when parents and educators feels it’s appropriate. Just like any other character children resources, it is imperative that the legal guardians/parents/educators pre-approve our materials and deem them appropriate prior to usage.

 Why do we have to register and answer some questions in order to get the free materials?

There are a few reasons for this, here are the main two:

  1. is a site that appeals to children. Our character education offerings are large and at this point both grown up and kids stuff are on one website. Our free resources require registration and interactions between you/the user (over 18 years of age) and Trax4Life Media. This site is obviously designed for kids. We wanted to respect kids privacy and guidelines (read more at:'s-privacy) in that regards. We actively collect data and interact with "grown-ups" but not with kids (we don't want any kids identyfying data). So, some questions you must answer during our registration process is to ensure we only register grown-ups.
  2. Also, we are a for profit business and when you agree to become a member of this website, you volountarily subscribe to our newsletter which at times may contain marketing content. Please note that this is not the only and sole purpose of our newsletter.

 Do you have character education materials for homeschoolers and teachers?

Yes we do at The really "cool" thing is that you can choose between two level of licensing. Our standard license gives the licensee (purchaser) rights to make up to 35 photocopies of the worksheets for their classroom.

 What about the school wide license?

Our school license gives the licensee (purchaser) rights to make up to 250 photocopies of the worksheets for one school wide usage. You save a lot of money with our flexible licensing scheme.

 Is there a religious, political or social agenda/content  to "The Old Compass" and our other resources?

Yes and No. We try to teach kids moral values, moral intelligence and critical thinking. If you work with kids, you know it's muchly needed. We realize that in presenting these topics it may raise questions, debates and emotions of all kinds.

There are no direct "religious references" in our resources but we may certainly welcome discussing religion and spirituality in future articles.

This is in no way a reflection or a statement of faith/spiritual awareness of people involved  with Trax4Life Media.

Keeping this in mind, each other author and artist has his/her own opinion, statement of faith, which does not necessarily reflects that of Trax4Life Media.

We beleive in a thriving society where there is law and order, virtues, good morals  and that kids with great characters will benefit future generations.  If you don't beleive in this for you or your kid(s), move on to another website of your choice.

 Are your kids magazines and audio adventures for school or familes?

The magazines and bonus sheets are designed for both family and educational settings.

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