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02 February, 2021
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Our products

02 February, 2021

 For what age range are your products?

Trax4life Media designed their products to be entertaining for the whole family. We would say that as far as teaching tools, we aimed at elementary grades. Our products certainly can be used with preschool children and with older children when the teacher feels it’s appropriate. Older students are invited to use these pre-recorded skits for puppetry or drama presentation. Just like any other character education resources, it is imperative that the user filters our materials and deems it appropriate prior to usage.

 Why is there several levels of licensing?

Simply because we wanted to offer you the lowest price possible. We are fully aware how tough it is for you to purchase anything under a budget (what budget!). By offering flexible licensing, we were able to lower our price for individual purchaser.

What is the currency on this website?

All prices are in US Dollards.

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What are CI/CD variables?

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There are two places where teams can define variables:

  • The .devstack-ci.yml. file
  • The Devstack Runner config.toml. file

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What are pre-filled variables?

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The Benefits of Pre-filled Variables

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