Character building resources for parents

Introducing character building resources for the whole family.


Discover resources that will help give your child a strong moral foundation, develop character strength and have your child beg for more!

(This is the stuff parenting and character education experts dream about!)

Now you have time to teach your children values!

We know how busy you are as a parent. Teaching character traits is not on your schedule. That's why we create fun moral stories that builds character at family time, in your car, on long family trips or as the kids are waiting.Discover "The Old Compass" audio adventures and magazines! Each episode has a fun accompanying magazine/workbook (PDF- for Immediate download) that teaches character traits, provides games and interactions and guarantees to ignite your child's imagination. We take an optimistic approach to hard issues such as moral courage, gambling, street drugs bullying etc...

The Old Compass Magazine

These adventures will not burden your children down and teach lower standards. Download the audio MP3s right now. No frustrating copyright protection. Transfer the adventures onto your kid's favourite portable MP3 player or your family computer. Each episode now contains my "Character detective educational pack, That is the same charater education activity pack teachers have been using in public schools. Perfect for caring parents and a dream for homeschooling!

Character Worksheets for elementary KIds

Stories hold timeless truth that promotes moral values. Each episode provides a problem-solving approach and helps develop kid’s moral intelligence.

"There are lots of great activities for each of the different age groups, which is super for a family that has different ages and that want to do something all together. I like how it is also a resource to help teach writing. ...Cathy Shields - Homeschool Mom
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