Kids Character Building

If you believe Character Building should be caught, not taught, I agree.

That’s why my resources create lively interactions between teachers, kids and parents!


“Safe, Responsible and Respectful School Hallways”

School Hallway Lesson Plan & Worksheets
I believe that your students’ behavior also plays an important role in their day to day safety at the schools. Few, if any resources address the behavior of students.


That’s why I created this new lesson guide, filled with engaging worksheets and an entertaining article for kids that focus on the school hallway.


  • Choose the lesson plan for the elementary grades you need
  • Worksheets
  • Immediate Download!
  • Bonus story for kids
  • Standard PDF format with stimulating graphics.
Grades 1-2-3 Grades 4-5-6
  • The easiest way to teach character building with minimum need for preparation. Ready-to-go lesson plans, worksheets and/or audio adventures so that you go on with your busy day.
  • Perfect for new teachers who struggle with political correctness in our morally challenging times. Use our lessons confidently and safely knowing they are designed to bring balance between conservative and more liberal point of views.
  • Provides problem-solving approaches and helps develop kid’s moral intelligence.
  • Stop worrying about how to teach current social issues such as drugs, bullying, gambling etc.. Seasoned teachers have designed these lessons for you
  • Created for children 6-12, enjoyed by all ages.
  • Immediate download of standard PDF and MP3 format so that you can deal with schoolyard issues right away.
  • Fosters parental interactions.
  • Dramatically enhance your impact on kids with highly graphic activity sheets. You can relax and enjoy the kids staying on task, we’ve have done the hard work for you.
  • Suitable for both public and religious schools. There is no “religious” content in our resources but you can teach resting assured we embrace the principles of good moral values and character traits.

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