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smashed-pumpkin mystery
Paisley peered out her window at the gray sky and wondered if the day was as cold as it appeared. When she placed her feet on the floor, her toes curled upon feeling the cold wood beneath her feet. Immediately, Paisley decided she needed her fuzzy penguin slippers to keep her feet warm. The trouble was that she had not seen her slippers in a week!
smashed-pumpkin mystery
I love giving out candies, chips and chocolate bars to all the kids that come to our door. In fact, my friends were pretty upset when I told them that I would not be going trick-or-treating this year.
Gambling Machine
In the 1980s, casinos in Las Vegas started to notice they were losing money from their slot machines. A man by the name of Tommy Carmichael had designed a tool that could be inserted into the machine and fool the slot machines into dumping out all their coins.
Hot on the trail of Mafiaboy
“Cyber crime is a crime committed with the help of a computer or communication device and a network (like the internet). It is very difficult to track down cyber criminals because the internet makes it easy to do things anonymously and from any location on the globe.
The Old Compass

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Can the internet really get you in trouble?
Follow School Resource Officer Ricardo as he desperately look for young Ryan who takes video gaming a step too far!