Law-enforcement Discussion Guides and Activities for Junior High and High School.


Students today have more access than ever to the details of and controversies surrounding police incidents, including use of force, riots, and fatalities. They need a safe and supportive environment in which to learn about such incidents objectively and to share their thoughts and feelings appropriately.


  • Students will analyze a situation from multiple perspectives.
  • Students will understand a general continuum for police use of force and apply it to realistic scenarios.
  • Students will research, choose, and support a claim regarding use of less-lethal force by SROs.
  • Students will participate in a mock trial to analyze an actual police incident
  • Over 24 pages of instructions,articles and activity sheets per guide.
  • One package for junior high and one for Senior high

This is your ultimate Police Incidents lesson plan for law enforcement and educators. Comes with everything you can hope for to engage your students in truly objective and authentic discussions.Police Incident Lesson Plan

Law-enforcement lesson plan
Easy Lessons on Police Incidents and Use of Force: • Easy for Policeman – No preparation necessary, this educational package is easy for you to team up with your Junior High and high school educators. • Easy for teachers – Easy to implement guides, customized for learning at two levels. • Easy for Students – Detailed activities and worksheets for meaningful interactions and exchange of ideas.

Help your students clearly understand the police use of continuum. Foster high-order thinking and equip teenagers for healthy encounters with police in the future.

Police Incident Worksheet

Analyze an actual police incident by conducting a mock trial.

Mocktrial 1Ds

(Pick your own news from local/national news or online video streaming)A mock trial is a great way for students to experience various elements of the justice system. We have provided a simple outline below, but feel free to dig deeper if appropriate for your class. There are many online resources for conducting a mock trial. If your school has a mock trial club, educators may be able to assist you as well.

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Please be advise that this product is available for purchase to law-enforcement under a different licensing scheme.

Police Incidents

Grades 4-6

Police Incidents lesson plan

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The package also includes the article ¨How cops can help citizens better understand police use of force. This article will give you students a policeman perspective when it comes to use of force. The author, Lt. Dan Marcou, was a policeman for thirthy-three years and is nationally recognized police trainer. Thank you to for the permission to use their article to help our future leaders!

There are many opportunities for student assessment throughout the lessons. Use these opportunities to observe and record student participation, comprehension, and areas in need of remediation or further discussion.

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