As you prepare for your next elementary grades school presentation, why not guide your kids in discovering police handcuffs!

Guide for Kids on Police Handcuffs


Police Handcuffs

  • Grades: 1-6
  • Duration: One class- About 20 minutes
  • Type: Articles/Activity sheets/Answer keys

(A great way to break the ice with kids or satisfy the curious ones!)

Key Takeaways:

  • An 10 page  professionally designed PDF document ready to download

  • A two page article on the history of police handcuffs with  pictures.

  • A two page article on  "Why do police use handcuffs"?

  • Eco-friendly! Print only the pages you want. Designed with home printing in mind- keeping a good balance of color and yet rendering captivating black and white printing as well.?

Read an extract from "Why Do Police Use Handcuffs"

Handcuffs are uncomfortable, but they aren’t supposed to hurt the prisoner. They’re used as a way to keep the prisoner secure and to protect the people around them. Since handcuffs tie a person’s hands behind their back, it can make it harder for a prisoner to keep their balance, so they have to be careful not to trip. Also, if a prisoner does trip, they can’t put their hands out in front of them to break their fall, so they risk getting hurt. That’s one of the reasons a police officer holds on to a prisoner who is handcuffed.

Why do Police use handcuffs

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Look at one of the worksheets

Worksheet on police handcuffs

This guide is pretty unique. Kids are fascinated by what's on your holster, why not tell them about it?

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Grades 1-6

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