Lesson plan on street drugs

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Sample this lesson plan on drugs.



  • The student will be able to describe the differences between a street drug and a medication given by a doctor/parent.
  • The student will be able to explain how something could be good for your body or how it could harm your body.
  • The student will be able to name two people that he/she could talk to if someone offers them a street drug.

Introduction (approximately 10-15 minutes):

Say to the students: Let’s listen to a story about Stella and what happened to her when she got sick. Follow along while I read. A copy of the story could be made for higher level reading students so that they can read along or a student could read aloud. (5 minutes) Stella woke up one morning with a fever and a sore throat. “Mom, I don’t feel good,” she said. She did not even want to play outside. Stella’s mother took her to the doctor who looked at her throat with a special light. “Stella, you need some medicine to get better. Make sure you also rest,” said the doctor.

Sick Child

After they left the doctor’s office, Stella and her mother went to the drugstore. The pharmacist gave Stella a bottle of medicine with her name on it. Each day her mother gave her the medicine just like the directions said. In a few days, Stella jumped out of bed early.“I feel better now mom, can I play outside?” “Sure,” said her mother, “Go have fun!”

Ask the students:

  • Who took Stella to the doctor? (Her mom)
  • Who gave Stella the medicine? (The doctor and the pharmacist)
  • Did the medicine help Stella? (Yes)
  • Should Stella take the medicine by herself? (No) Why? (Students’ answers)
  • Why is it important to know all the directions on the medicine bottle? (So you don’t take too much. So you don’t take too little. So your illness does not become worse.)

Main Lesson: (20-30 minutes)

Part 1: What are Street Drugs?

Have available a real or fake worm. Hold it up for the students.

(If you do not want to use a worm, find something equally disgusting that makes the students realize that it would not be good to ingest)

  • Ask: How many of you would like to eat this worm?Count the hands.
  • Why wouldn’t you eat a worm? Wait for student answers.Possible answers: It would taste icky. It would make me sick. I would throw up. It would taste like dirt.
  • Explain: There are some things in the world, such as worms, that would make your body sick if you ate them. Your parents and teachers have taught you what foods to eat or drink so that your body does not get sick.
  • Street Drugs are substances that when taken can cause you to become sick. They make your brain act differently. You would not want to take a street drug, just like you would not want to eat a worm.
  • You want to make healthy decisions for your body. You want to eat foods that are good for you. You want to play and get a lot of exercise.
  • What are six healthy activities that you do every day? (A list can be made on the board)Now let’s look at our worksheet and see if you can find the healthy activities. (Worksheet)

Part 2: What do street drugs do to your body?

Tell the students: We just looked at healthy activities. Taking street drugs is an unhealthy activity. Street drugs can make your body react like you are in slow motion. These drugs can make your heart beat faster. Sometimes when a person takes a street drug, she/he has a difficult time breathing. He/She may have fuzzy vision. Street drugs can make people dizzy.

Sample a Worksheet

Worksheet on street drug

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Lesson Plan on Street Drugs


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