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Children being patient

You can teach your children patience with exercises that allow them to understand that waiting for results often times offers a better reward than when you want something in the moment. You can do an exercise with your children where you offer them a toy and if they choose to wait until later then you can give them a nicer toy.

You can run this exercise multiple times by trying to convince them why it is worth it to wait. They will naturally pick up on how patience affects their lives.

Key Takeaways:

  • Patience is something that is learned over time through experience, it's not something that you're born with.

  • You can teach your child to learn patience by playing games with them such as red light green light where they have to follow directions.

  • You can also do projects with your children such as building a train set together or putting a kite together as a way to show them that patience pays off.

"Explain that patience pays off and that in life, there are many times when you will have a choice between getting something good immediately or waiting for a bigger reward such as a better job, bigger promotion or bigger financial payoff."

Read more: https://howtoadult.com/activities-children-patience-10031880.html


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