Follow Noranda and Sebastian on a their mysterious adventure as they learn about moral courage!


Hello my name is Kursten!

I'm a reporter for The Old Compass Magazine. My task is to report on events in and around the school. I have an audio recording of strange events that took place. I'd like you to listen to this story with me. It's a story that happened to Noranda and Sebastian two schoolmates of mine. Would you beleive that they met some strange characters and were chased by hundreds of bees?

Kids mysteries are common at The Old Compass

Kursten showing moral courageThis might be the first time you come to our school and meet us. I hope you stay for a while because I could sure use a hand in trying to figure out what is going on. Why don't you read and listen to this adventure on moral courage and see what I have gathered so far? Here is a summary of what I found out about Responsus Part 1. 

Facts about the adventure

Here are the facts on this audio drama

What started like an ordinary day in the life of 10th-grade student Noranda soon turned into a mysterious adventure. First, her classmate Tricia told her some gossip she heard from the very popular Susan Brown; a schoolmate, Jade, really messed things up while babysitting at the Austin’s house. Although Tricia was convinced the story was real, Noranda had her doubts and struggled with how to respond to the gossip. Noranda tried to find Mr. Carpenter, a school teacher, to hand in a late assignment.

All right now, preview the audio adventure!

  Noranda investigating

Once in the basement of the school, Noranda unknowingly joined forces with Sebastian to explore the secret Old College, which is attached to their school. Their search for the teacher’s office takes some mysterious twists and turns as they discover not only part of the Old College, but strange characters full of surprises.

Noranda wants to find out if Jade acted responsibly while babysitting. She also needs to know if Susan Brown and Tricia were acting responsibly by spreading rumours about Jade’s babysitting. Like Noranda in the story, sometimes in your life there will be a little stirring inside of you pushing you to seek out some truth about other people instead of listening to gossip. When you take the steps to find what really happens and what was really said, you may discover some surprising answers. You will also discover things you didn’t know about yourself. It’s a journey that demands moral courage. It's an adventure worth taking.

Here is what I found...

Dare to be wise

Look at this picture. I discovered it on the school security camera system. It's Noranda and Sebastian entering the tunnel to the Old College!

So, it is true!


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